Many people who live in cities and suburbs have inadequate storage in their small homes, apartments, and condominiums. They rely on Self Storage Units in Queens NY to hold and protect their excess belongings. Holiday decorations, collectibles, extra bedding, and seasonal clothing are often placed in the unit a d them simply taken out when needed. The way clothing is stored makes a significant difference in the condition of the clothing when retrieved from the unit.

Where to Begin?

The first thing to do before storing clothing is to wash everything. Bacteria, particles, and oils on clothing taken from the closet can cause deterioration while stored. Purchase the right containers for storage. Plastic vacuum bags may reduce the space the clothing takes up in Self Storage Units, but they also dry out the clothes. That can cause fibers to split or fray.

Cardboard boxes are not recommended for use in Storage Units in Queens NY. The glue attracts insects and there are often tiny insects in the folds of the boxes before they go into storage. The best type of container to use is plastic storage containers with lids for casual clothing.

What to Fold?

Sweaters, delicate fabrics, and coats can be folded and stored loosely in containers. The fabrics need room to breathe so do not cram them full. Check all the pockets of coats and cardigans and remove whatever is in the pockets. In order to keep clothing in the right shape, and to prevent fabrics from getting caught, snap, button, or zip all closures.

Hanging Clothes

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Dresses and furs should be hung up and stored in cotton garment bags to prevent wrinkling or damage. People storing furs have to seek Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY that are climate-controlled. Furs will mildew and ruin if they are subject to high temperatures. The original investment in real fur is never cheap so protect it with proper storage practices.


It is wise to purchase insurance coverage for items placed in storage units. Figure out the cost of replacing all the items in the event of a fire or other unexpected accident or damage. That is the amount of coverage to purchase. Most facilities offer low cost insurance policies right in the office for convenience.

It makes no sense to take the time to carefully prepare clothing for storage and then not spend the money on a policy. Find a facility that offers the first month free of rental fees and use that to purchase insurance. Do not underestimate the cost of replacing clothing today. These jeans you spent ten dollars on a few years ago will probably cost at least double that amount to replace.

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